Rescued a fintech project.

Project Overview:

Dimensional Sys, Inc. was brought in as a third-party vendor to complete a project for Loop2 Digital, a digital marketing and outsourcing company. The project was for Protrader, a client of Loop2 Digital, and we provided white-labeled services. The project was to build a stock market trading software from scratch that should have 100% the same functionality as the previous software that Protrader was using, and also have an opportunity to add many new features and customize the new software as per their needs.


Protrader had third-party stock market software but did not have its source code. A previous vendor was hired to build a similar software, but they could not complete the project and left it in the middle with plenty of bugs. This made it near impossible to meet the deadlines, fix the major and minor issues, and develop the remaining components of the application.


Dimensional Sys, Inc. was able to rescue the project in the middle and successfully delivered the project on time. We developed and fixed stock market trading indicators, technical charts, drawings, stock market scanners, stripe customer and subscription management, and upgraded the UI/UX of the software.


After continuous one-year efforts, we delivered the project on time and successfully replaced the existing system with a new application. The new software had all the features that Protrader needed and they were able to customize it as per their needs. The new software also had a better UI/UX and was free of bugs, which resulted in a better user experience for Protrader’s customers. Our company provided white-labeled services, which allowed Protrader to present the software as their own propriety product.

IT backoffice.

Background: is a leading stock market trader and technical author, providing stock market trading tools, scanners, commentary, and coaching on how to trade. In 2012, they approached Dimensional Sys, Inc. for a small CRM data migration and synchronization task.

Challenge: did not have a dedicated technical department or IT support team, and they needed a reliable partner to handle all of their technology needs.


Dimensional Sys, Inc. successfully completed the initial task within budget and on time, and was impressed with our work. They decided to take us on board and gave us all of their IT infrastructure responsibilities, including server uptime, bug fixing, feature development and enhancements, new application developments, and mobile application development. We became their one-stop shop for all of their technology needs, acting as their IT back office.


Over the last 10 years, we have developed multiple custom software solutions for, including 3 mobile applications which are available on both Appstore and Google play. These applications have served over 70,000 subscribers so far. has been able to focus on its core business while we handle all of its digital affairs, allowing them to grow and expand with confidence.


Dimensional Sys, Inc. has proven to be a trusted and reliable IT partner for, providing comprehensive technology solutions to support their growth and success. Our customer-centric approach and dedication to staying ahead of the latest technological advancements have enabled us to make a real difference in’s digital landscape.

Stripe Partnered App.

Project Overview:

In 2020, Dimensional Sys, Inc. was approached by, a Stripe official partnered app, to make additions and customizations to their existing application and fix various bugs in their website. is a SaaS platform for merchants who manage their customers and billing on Stripe. The platform provides an opportunity for merchants to automatically send email notifications to customers on various Stripe payment events.

Problem: had an existing application that had various bugs and issues. Additionally, the platform did not have the capability to send SMS notifications to customers. The platform also lacked an admin panel for site administrators to manage and monitor the website and subscribers’ activities.


Dimensional Sys, Inc. was able to successfully fix the various bugs and issues in the application. We also added new events for sending email notifications and created a new module to send SMS notifications to customers using the Twilio SMS API. Additionally, we implemented a wallet feature in the app where subscribers can purchase credits to send out SMS. Lastly, we created an admin panel for where the site administrators can manage and monitor the website and subscribers’ activities.


After our efforts, was able to successfully send SMS notifications to customers in addition to email notifications. The platform also had a new admin panel for site administrators to manage and monitor the website and subscribers’ activities. The wallet feature allowed subscribers to purchase credits to send out SMS notifications. Overall, the platform had a better user experience for both the customers and site administrators, and the bugs and issues were fixed

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